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VDI as a service: What is it?

Allowing employees to work from home has always been a great way to give them more flexibility in their job roles. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has meant that working remotely became the norm for almost 18 months with businesses doing all they could to ensure their survival.

Now that many of us are returning to the office or a hybrid version of that, it is important that businesses continue to work on the perfect remote working solution to ensure business continuity.

One of these remote working solutions is VDI as a service.

What is VDI as a service?

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, is a technological solution that enables virtual desktops to be created on a remote server setup. This means that virtual desktop setups tend to be more flexible, mobile and secure than more traditional office desktop setups. If you want to adopt VDI for your business, then your in-house team will need to be able to deploy, maintain and manage the VDI environment.

This can be quite a complicated task for many IT departments to handle, especially when they are looking after so much other IT related stuff, and so ebb3 offers VDI as a service. What this means is that we offer you access to virtual desktops on a subscription basis, taking care of all of the IT tasks in the back end by deploying the VDI in a state-of-the-art data centre.

What benefits does VDI as a service offer businesses?

  • 24/7 Availability. Busy clients are now demanding access to businesses 24/7 and that just isn’t possible with the current traditional systems many companies have in place, as employees can’t be in the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will also have to factor in lost time for things like commuting, holidays and sick days. Registering for VDI as a service means you and your team can access virtual desktops at any location and at any time on any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone). This means that employees can be available when they need to be, wherever they are, reducing their stress while increasing productivity.

  • Cost Reduction. Having an IT infrastructure onsite involves multiple costs that all add to your company’s bottom line. Firstly, there is the cost of the hardware and associated accessories, such as air-con, cables, power cords and so on. Secondly, this hardware will need to be updated regularly or even replaced sometimes, which will also incur extra costs. You also need to have a dedicated IT team in house that must be deployed for troubleshooting and desktop maintenance. Using VDI as a service eliminates all of these additional costs as ebb3 provides and delivers the desktop experience to the end-user and has a dedicated team taking care of all upgrades and maintenance needs.

  • Managed Services. A physical desktop setup tends to come with its own set of issues, such as parts that may need to be replaced due to malfunction, and periodic upgrades that need to be undertaken for the machine to work correctly. Moreover, when new employees join the team, new hardware must be purchased and configured. VDI as a service offers businesses the perfect managed service solution, meaning our expert team take care of all of the menial yet critical IT tasks. We also take complete care of design, deployment, upgrades, configuration and any troubleshooting.

  • Advanced Security. Data Security of stored data is a huge headache for most businesses at the present, with hardware being vulnerable to a lot of surrounding threats such as employee negligence, viruses, and power surges. You only have to glance at the news as well to see that there are various cyber threats out there that can also lead to data breaches and data theft. VDI as a service offers complete data protection to employers as all of the data used resides on remote cloud servers so even if a device is damaged or stolen, the data is still secure in the back end. Here at ebb3, we offer multi-level security safeguards to ensure data and app security on all fronts.

  • Disaster Recovery. There are certain disastrous events that can compromise the entire IT infrastructure of a business, leading to total data loss as the backup servers are also damaged. As a provider of VDI as a service, ebb3 offers disaster recovery as part of our service with the chief aim being to recover and restore data during any disruptive event.

As you can see, VDI as a service is a managed virtual desktop solution that can offer your business the security, flexibility and scalability you require to thrive in this new world of remote working.

If you want to increase employee productivity, while minimising IT hassles and reduce expenses, then please call 0203 8181 000 or email today.

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