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Private AI: Empowering Organisations with Secure AI Solutions

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In an era characterised by rapid technological advancements, AI applications are a key driver of digital transformation. Their problem-solving capabilities positively impact operations, decision-making, and overall business performance.


But as organisations delve into the world of generative AI solutions, privacy emerges as a primary concern. The need to safeguard sensitive data and maintain control over security protocols has become paramount in the era of data-driven decision-making.


Private AI has emerged as a transformative tool for companies looking to harness the power of AI whilst maintaining data privacy.


What is Private AI?

Private AI refers to an AI application that is designed, owned, and used by an individual organisation. It focuses on the development and deployment of artificial intelligence technologies in a way that places strong emphasis on privacy and data protection. By opting for private AI, organisations can reap the benefits of AI solutions without putting their privacy or data security at risk.


Why Organisations Should Opt for Private AI

Private AI is trained on a company’s own data, allowing for highly customised applications that match the exact needs of the organisation. This level of personalisation enhances the AI’s effectiveness in understanding and responding to user queries within an organisational context.


Private AI applications span various uses across various sectors, ranging from customer support to internal employee assistance systems. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are common examples of private AI applications.


By combining the efficiency of AI-driven applications with a commitment to data privacy, private AI exemplifies the balance between technological innovation and the protection of sensitive information within organisational boundaries.


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Security Benefits of Private AI

Regulatory Compliance

Many industries and regions have strict regulations around the handling of personal and sensitive data. Implementing private AI helps organisations comply with these regulations by safeguarding the privacy of the data they process.


Complete Control

Unlike public AI solutions, private AI provides organisations with complete control over their AI models. Service providers are unable to store or access the training data for their own purposes, ensuring the confidentiality of proprietary information.


Deployment Options

Private AI is hosted in a secure environment, typically on-premises or within private clouds, offering flexibility and control over where AI processes take place. Organisations can still leverage public cloud services where necessary, allowing for a balance between security and scalability.


Dedicated Environments

Private AI operates within private, protected environments. This gives organisations full control over the configuration of the environment, allowing for a more tailored approach to the implementation of security policies. As the infrastructure of the environment is not shared, the attack surface is significantly reduced compared to shared environments.


Data Encryption

Private AI gives organisations the flexibility to deploy data encryption in a dedicated environment.  

Encryption ensures that even if access occurs, the data remains unreadable and secure. This contributes to AI applications adhering to the protection standards set by regulatory authorities.


Access Control and Auditing

Access controls can be implemented to private AI, ensuring that only authorised personnel can interact with sensitive data. Additionally, implementing thorough auditing procedures allows for comprehensive tracking of AI usage, ensuring accountability and timely detection of any security breaches. Treating generative AI services with the same level of scrutiny as your enterprise data helps safeguard your organisation against potential threats and reinforces overall security measures.


Ethical Considerations

Organisations are increasingly recognising the ethical implications of AI, and privacy is a fundamental aspect of this. Integrating private AI aligns with ethical standards by protecting sensitive data and ensuring AI technologies are used responsibly.


About ebb3 Private AI

Our managed enterprise AI platforms, hosted in secure private environments, empower organisations to harness the transformative power of AI with complete data governance. Designed, built, integrated, optimised, and supported end-to-end by ebb3 leveraging partners like NVIDIA and VMware, these tailored solutions drive previously impossible innovation, productivity, and compliance.


Unlock your sustainable competitive edge by embracing continuously optimised platforms managed by certified AI infrastructure experts. If you are interested in learning more about how ebb3 enterprise AI platforms can transform your organisation, please click the button below to submit an enquiry.


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