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Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace ebb3

Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace

Managed Services – VDI Digital Workspace

ebb3 are experts in managing existing VDI digital workspaces.

Our resolutions optimise the management of your VDI environment, resulting in increased user productivity and satisfaction.

Our active monitoring allows us to address performance issues as they arise, minimising downtime and maximising workforce efficiency.

We can take over from, and offer support to, in-house IT teams that do not have the correct training or knowledge to effectively manage a VDI Digital Workspace, allowing them to focus their valuable time and resources on other projects.

ebb3 Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace

The ebb3 Service Desk

ebb3 managed services contracts come with unlimited support from our dedicated service desk.

Open from 5am – 8pm every working day, our team of experts actively monitor the performance, security, and usability of VDI Digital Workspaces, ensuring that any issues are picked up and resolved in a timely manner.

We provide regular reports and updates on the performance of the VDI Digital Workspaces we manage, so our users can be confident in our ability to prevent and fix issues, and maximise productivity.

Our Service Level Agreement

We have a service level agreement in place for our managed service contracts, meaning our clients can be assured that any issues they have will be responded to, and resolved within a set time limit.


We guarantee that any major issues will be responded to in 15 minutes and resolved within 6 hours.

First Response in 15 minutes

Resolved in 6 Hours


First Response in 60 minutes

Resolved in 48 Hours


First Response in 30 minutes

Resolved in 8 Hours


First Response in 12 hours

Resolved in 72 Hours


ebb3 Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace

ISO 27001

ISO No Background.png

ebb3 is ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our dedication to keeping your data secure. We prioritise fixing misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in your VDI Digital Workspace, protecting sensitive data.

Shield PNG (1).png

We adopt a risk-based approach to information security, actively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of security breaches and potential service disruptions.

ebb3 Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace

Information Technology Infrastructure (ITIL)

At ebb3, we pride ourselves on our consistent, high quality service. That’s why when we are delivering our managed services, we follow the best practises framework set by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Our effective incident and problem management allows us to respond promptly to service issues and address the root causes of recurring problems. This results in reduced downtime and faster issue resolution.

All of our service desk engineers are ITIL foundation certified, meaning that they are equipped to understand the unique needs of your business and support your VDI Digital Workspace requirements.

Benefits for Our Clients

Improved User Productivity

Faster response times and optimised performance enable employees to accomplish tasks more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.

Enhanced Data Security

By fixing vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures, the risk of data breaches is significantly reduced, safeguarding sensitive information.

Reduced Downtime

Addressing availability issues minimises disruptions, leading to fewer instances of downtime and ensures continuous access to critical applications and data.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined management processes and optimised resource allocation result in time and cost savings, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

ebb3 Managed Services
VDI Digital Workspace
Results for Clients
Reduced Response Time

Through performance optimisations, we significantly decrease response times, allowing employees to work more efficiently and complete tasks faster.

Increased User Productivity

With a high-performing VDI environment, employees can work seamlessly from any location, on any device, accessing their virtual desktops with ease. This translates into increased productivity and time savings.

Improved Application Performance

Our resolutions optimise resource allocation, network configurations, and storage management, resulting in improved application performance and faster data access.

Cost Savings

Our resolution process helps you avoid unnecessary hardware investments by maximising the efficiency of your existing infrastructure. You'll experience cost savings while still achieving optimal performance and scalability.

Experience the Future Today

The future of work is here, and ebb3 is at the forefront of shaping it. Join us in redefining the possibilities, propelling innovation, and achieving unparalleled productivity enhancements. Let our world-class technology solutions be the driving force behind your digital transformation.

Contact us today and let's revolutionise your enterprise together. Empowering businesses is what we do best.
ebb3: Empowering Your Enterprise. Unleashing the Power of Transformation
Europe’s Multi-Award Winning Digital Transformation Managed Service Provider


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