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Discover How SimpsonHaugh Transformed Their Organisation with ebb3 VDI Digital Workspaces

Innovative Solutions for Enhanced Performance

Learn how ebb3 transformed SimpsonHaugh's operations with VDI Digital Workspaces, boosting productivity and improving user experience. 

About SimpsonHaugh

SimpsonHaugh is a renowned architectural practice known for its innovative designs and complex projects.


With a team of architects and designers relying on GPU-intensive applications, maintaining high performance and stability in their digital workspace is critical.

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The Challenge

Performance Issues

Traditional physical machines were unable to scale efficiently, leading to performance bottlenecks.

Operational Costs

High power consumption and maintenance costs of physical GPU machines.


Difficulty in quickly provisioning resources for large projects.

Remote Access

Remote work solutions were inadequate, providing poor user experiences.

The Solution

ebb3 implemented a hybrid VDI solution integrating both virtual and physical machines. The solution included Citrix HDX for superior remote user experience and ControlUp for real-time performance monitoring and optimisation.


Implementation Process

Assessment and Planning

Comprehensive assessment of SimpsonHaugh’s existing infrastructure and requirements.

Stage 1


Citrix HDX was integrated for remote access, and ControlUp was implemented for ongoing monitoring and optimisation.

Stage 3


The VDI solution was deployed over six months, with phases including setup, migration, and optimisation.

Stage 2


ebb3 provided hands-on training to SimpsonHaugh's IT team to maximise the solution's potential.

Stage 4

The Results

  • Increased Productivity: An increase in productivity due to improved performance and reliability.

  • Cost Savings: A reduction in operational costs through decreased power consumption and streamlined maintenance.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Remote users experienced a significant improvement in usability and performance.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: The ability to quickly provision resources based on project needs, enhancing overall efficiency.

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SimpsonHaugh Says


ebb3's tailored VDI solution, enabled SimpsonHaugh to overcome their infrastructure challenges and transform the way they operate. 


The firm is now better positioned for future growth and innovation.


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