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Driving the Future of the Automotive Industry

How Aston Martin Lagonda increased design engineering efficiency.

ebb3 are specialists in accelerated computing

What's inside?

Why Aston Martin Lagonda chose ebb3 as their service partner

The benefits of the accelerated computing solution

How ebb3's service increased productivity

How ebb3 are delivering results in the automotive industry

ebb3  Aston Martin Lagonda

Download your copy of the Aston Martin Lagonda white paper and discover how they took design engineering efficiency to the next level.

This white paper explores how they used accelerated computing to enhance design engineering efficiency at Aston Martin Lagonda and the importance of innovation within the automotive industry when it comes to staying ahead of competition.


"Thanks to our successful work with ebb3, we are now able to provide class-leading support as well as new cutting edge technologies to the CAE Engineering teams in Powertrain, Aerodynamics and Body structures departments.”

Lea Renaux

HPC Solution Lead, Aston Martin Lagonda

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