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The Transformation Experts Have Transformed

Over the Summer we’ve made some big changes at ebb3; to better serve our customers and to work even more closely with our partners. “Free your Team” is now our focus and it’s all about helping customers maximise their digital workspace opportunities.

We’ve enhanced our team to bring in new people who further underpin our GPU enabled VDI expertise. Our specialists are qualified to the highest level of industry standards and that now shines through in everything we do.

Innovation is the norm for us, but we realised that it can be overwhelming for customers especially when they’re struggling to grasp the fantastic opportunities that lie ahead without upsetting their existing operations. Embracing these opportunities is essential for success and shouldn’t be ignored … did you know that the number of apps requiring accelerated graphics has doubled in recent years and employees using these apps has increased by over 60%!!

So, we’ve worked hard to support our customers on their virtualisation journey and we’re bringing the real business benefits to life for them along the way. We’ve cut out the jargon and we’re focussing on enabling business competitiveness and providing unified user experiences. Our solutions are cost-effective, secure and simple.

We’ve developed our FIT methodology = Fix, Improve and Transform and this means that our customers are assured that wherever they are on their virtualisation/digitalisation/ VDI / GPU-enabled VDI journey …ebb3 can help.

We’ve even refreshed our website, please click and take a look, you’ll find; SportPesa, our brand-new case study, and everything you need to know about how our technology can free your team.

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