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New headquarters for accelerated computing specialist

Award-winning Cheshire based accelerated computing specialist ebb3, is supporting its growth plans with a move to the coveted tech hub, Glasshouse at Alderley Park.

Ebb3 have relocated its headquarters as part of their ongoing commitment to being at the forefront of the UK’s rapidly growing digital economy.

The move to Glasshouse supports ebb3’s growth by providing a high-quality office environment with excellent transport links, enabling the company to have greater access to digital talent across the North West tech community.

The accelerated computing specialists, who build enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, virtual reality and virtual desktop infrastructure platforms, have seen rapid growth over the last twelve months.

Ebb3 are expecting further growth within the next twelve months as companies continue to realise the benefits of accelerated computing and step up their plans of investing in their digital infrastructure. Within this time, ebb3 will be recruiting for various roles to support their growth and presence in industries that range from architecture and manufacturing to automotive and Formula One.

Commenting on the growth, Chris Brassington, CEO and founder at ebb3, said: “Our business combines the best people and technology to help companies improve their performance and productivity. Therefore, it’s essential that we can attract the best digital talent.

Glasshouse at Alderley Park is already a tech hotspot in the North West and as we support a global client base, it’s important that there are accessible transport links from the airport and the heart of the North West.”

Their new headquarters are set within a thriving tech community of AI, software, fintech and animation companies. Glasshouse, located at Alderley Park, is part of Bruntwood SciTech’s UK-wide network of innovation districts.

Brassington concluded: “Glasshouse aligns with our ethos of collaboration. It’s great for every company here to share space, creative ideas and innovation. It will help drive us forward and build a reputation for technological excellence.”

Onsite, there are facilities to support the attraction of top talent with a gym, sports centre, pub and restaurant, along with scenic trails for walking, running and cycling.

Visit ebb3’s website to find out more about them and what they do:

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