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Free Teams for Their Most Brilliant Work

With a long history of collaboration, Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and Intel are co-engineering solutions that create more immersive digital experiences and free AI teams with streamlined MLOps.

Enabling more immersive experiences

We’re experiencing an acceleration of immersive experiences with augmented reality, extended reality and virtual reality as they blend physical and virtual worlds. These immersive experiences are driving greater need for real-time computing across massive workloads that combine visual data, AI and machine learning. This will accelerate the decentralization of computing from hyperscale data centers to the world around us, including increasingly powerful PCs and edge infrastructure to power these experiences, as recently noted by our SVP of Corporate Strategy, Matt Baker. It will also benefit from 5G and the IT supporting it, along with a multi-cloud approach that combines private and public clouds.

NVIDIA Omniverse is a breakthrough for virtual 3D design collaboration and real-time physically accurate simulation. Built for creators, designers, researchers and engineers, the software platform connects major 3D design tools, assets and projects, enabling enterprise design teams to collaborate and iterate in a shared virtual space.

An early adopter of NVIDIA Omniverse, ebb³ specializes in designing, building and managing accelerator-enabled virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platforms. For example, clients can deploy powerful virtual workstations using NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS) software, combined with Omniverse Enterprise as part of smart manufacturing efforts to simulate their manufacturing operations before introducing them into production.

“As an award-winning specialist IT managed service provider, ebb3 focuses on providing secure, remote and collaborative working solutions for architects, designers and engineers,” says ebb3 CEO Chris Brassington. “The Dell Validated Design for VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse brings users all the performance of physical workstations, enabling secure remote access to complex graphic and data-intensive workloads.”

The Dell Validated Design for VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse is the industry’s first available data center solution developed with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise. It enables designers and reviewers to work together in real time across leading software applications in shared virtual 3D worlds up to 23% faster with visual quality unmatched until now. Built with VMware vSphere and Horizon, NVIDIA RTX vWS and Omniverse Enterprise software, NVIDIA-Certified Dell VxRail 670F hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) and PowerEdge R750 servers, PowerSwitch networking and PowerScale F800 storage, teams can quickly and easily tap into the IT resources they need from anywhere to speed time to production.

HCI systems with NVIDIA A40 GPUs enable more iterations faster to improve product quality while high-speed networking and storage deliver the vast amount of data required for today’s most IT-demanding innovation. At the same time, VMware virtualization brings efficient use of resources with centralized management and security from development into streamlined production.

“Rather than exchanging and iterating on massive files, designers, artists and reviewers can work simultaneously in a virtual world from anywhere on any device,” said Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research. “Dell’s solution with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise has the potential to transform every industry by making truly collaborative, creative innovation possible in a common virtual space for the first time.”

Moving AI into production

While AI will be adding $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, almost 90% of the models built are not operationalized, according to a recent survey. Data scientists also spend around 50% of their time allocating and managing IT resources instead of building, testing and implementing machine learning models, according to

Dell Technologies continues to democratize AI, making it easier than ever for organizations of any size to operationalize machine and deep learning automation. The new Dell Validated Design for AI | MLOps with standardizes and streamlines machine learning operations so data scientists can bring models into production up to 2x faster.

“The complexity of developing and deploying ML models has been always been a key pain point,” said Ruti Arazi, Business Development at the Seagate Innovation Center. “We welcome Dell Validated Designs, providing us a quick, full-stack AI launchpad for implementing AI-centric projects. With Dell and, both infrastructure and a complex AI stack are abstracted away.”

The Validated Design for AI | MlOps is built with Intel’s software, built for data scientists by data scientists for advanced MLOps to continuous learning, so data science teams can spend less time on DevOps and focus on the real magic of algorithms. Intel’s runs on the Dell Technologies AI-Ready Platform, which includes NVIDIA AI Enterprise, VMware vSphere with Tanzu, NVIDIA-Certified Dell VxRail HCI or PowerEdge servers with NVIDIA A100 and A30 Tensor Core GPUs, PowerScale storage and PowerSwitch and NVIDIA networking. Delivered with the confidence of an engineering-validated system, the solution is also available via APEX Custom Solutions at a subscription rate.

Dell technologies are also part of Intel’s Metacloud, giving AI developers the flexibility to run, test and deploy AI and ML workloads on mixed hardware within the same AI/ML workflow or pipeline. Metacloud leverages cloud-native technologies such as containers and Kubernetes, which enables developers to quickly and easily select infrastructure located on-premises, co-located and in any public cloud and run the workload.

The new Validated Designs are available this quarter. From Omniverse to AI, you can find out more in Dell Technologies’ sessions at NVIDIA GTC, running March 21-24. For more information, visit Dell Technologies’ VDI and AI pages.

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