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ebb3 wins NVIDIA and Dell’s 2020 AI Champions Award

At ebb3 we can implement and scale purpose-built IT solutions and AI for our clients. It’s an honour to be recognised for our work doing just that! We’re delighted to announce our team received the 2020 AI Champions Partner Program Award organised by NVIDIA and Dell!

This incredible recognition was for an AI-driven digital platform we designed for an academic institution in the UK (more details soon).

“At ebb3 we understand the future of artificial intelligence is now! We aim to be at the forefront of AI innovation and help businesses adopt high-performance solutions that improve their workflows. It was a great experience to participate in the AI Champions 2020 Program, I’m proud of the team we are building here at ebb3 and what they’re already achieving.”

-Chris Brassington, CEO

If you need help unlocking the full potential of AI in your business or organisation, please contact us.

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