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ebb3 Director of Technology joins exclusive NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor program

Simon Cottrell, ebb3’s Director of Technology, has joined the NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor Program, a group of 30 global thought leaders and experts in virtualisation.

Simon, along with fellow community advisors, will engage with NVIDIA to help guide and shape the future of graphics virtualisation and cloud technologies worldwide by providing feedback on product strategy and by sharing market insights.

The NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor Program gives members access to NVIDIA virtual GPU product strategy and technology. NVIDIA provides these trusted professionals with the information, support, and resources they need to help NVIDIA vGPU solutions succeed in the market and build the virtualisation enthusiast community.

Simon said: “It is hugely rewarding to join experts from around the world in helping to shape the future of technology in this area. Everyone at ebb3 is focused on finding solutions to tomorrow’s challenges with the latest technology that will help drive the development of the next stage of hybrid working and more.”

Simon’s expertise in NVIDIA vGPU has been central to developing the accelerated computing platforms that ebb3 builds. Clients rely on ebb3 for designing, building, and managing platforms for multiple workloads, including artificial intelligence, virtual desktop interface, and virtual reality.

With the advent of hybrid working, virtual collaboration and day-to-day workloads becoming more graphically intensive, the spotlight is on vGPU technology as it becomes part of everyday life.

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