Increase Productivity

Increase user productivity by extending 3D visualization to designers, engineers, geoscientists and other workers wherever they are

Lower Costs

Lowers TCO by decreasing reliance on expensive, difficult-to maintain desktop workstations and increasing utilization of software licenses

Secure Data

Keeps valuable datasets inside the data center where they are protected and secure

Improve Collaboration

Eliminates bottlenecks and enhances collaboration to decrease time to decision

What business are we in?

We provide mobile workspace solutions that enable people to work more effectively with seamless and secure access to their apps, files and services that they need on any device, wherever they go.


logo-footer copythe leading platform for the virtualisation of data visualisation, made especially for you.

Mobile workspace

Securely unite applications, data and services on any device over any network and cloud

Our HPVC systems are Graphics or “3D” applications specialists; they can handle the most complex Graphical Applications and are designed to be deployed right next to the big data which your organisation works on. Basically your own Private Cloud in a box! As fully Managed Appliances they it can be connected securely via your own network, or the internet to any user in the world. The applications are running right next to the data, meaning massive performance benefits and the application is viewed by any device, anywhere with extraordinary results even on smaller connection types – for example mobile phone data connections. We deliver an SLA for Application Performance, always guaranteed to run to user specification.

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What markets are we in?

ebb3’s technology replaces the need for Workstations, it leverages modern Supercomputer Technology to deliver a high quality user experience wherever an application requires rich computer graphics – often referred to as GPU driven applications

Oil and Gas


Media and Entertainment



Architecture, Engineering and Construction