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Unleash the Power of Transformation with

Enterprise AI & VDI Digital Workspace Platforms


Accelerate Outcomes with ebb3's Secure Enterprise AI and VDI Digital Workspaces

Enable Superior Business Velocity
Optimise Employee Experiences
Integrate Intelligence Company-Wide

Our comprehensive suite of services empowers your organisation to embrace secure and accelerated computing platforms that integrate intelligence across teams and processes - transforming outcomes through expertise uniting AI, VDI digital workspaces, and modern applications.

Accelerate Outcomes with ebb3's Secure Enterprise AI and VDI Digital Workspaces

  • ebb3 delivers robust private platforms for AI and VDI digital workspaces using VMware software and NVIDIA systems - enriched with multi-cloud capabilities.

  • Our expertise enables you to leverage technologies like AI, virtualisation and advanced security - transforming how you operate, collaborate and innovate across diverse environments.

Unleash the Power of Accelerated Computing with NVIDIA-Powered Solutions by ebb3

  • At ebb3, we specialise in providing accelerated computing solutions powered by NVIDIA technologies, offering organisations the resources they need, precisely when they need them.

  • By keeping NVIDIA-certified infrastructure at the core of our offerings, we guarantee that modern applications can operate at peak performance levels, from anywhere with an internet connection.​

  • Harness the full potential of GPU application accelerators and high-performance networking to accelerate business results and improve the efficiency and security of your IT infrastructure.

  • Transform your organisation's data centre to meet both current demands and future growth, revolutionising the way you handle computational tasks and data processing.

Experience the transformative power of enterprise accelerated computing with ebb3 and NVIDIA, and unlock new possibilities for your organisation's growth and success.

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Accelerate Outcomes Through Secure Enterprise AI and VDI Digital Workspaces

Transform possibilities by enhancing your private platforms with ebb3's integrated approach uniting AI, VDI digital workspaces, and modern applications. Seamlessly embrace superior velocity, optimised experiences, and enterprise-wide intelligence as we tailor robust infrastructure to meet the demands of your advanced workloads.

Europe’s Multi-Award Winning Digital Transformation Managed Service Provider


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“Getting our VDI digital workspace working effectively for our users with the applications that are critical to us.”

Simon Jardine

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Why Enable Private Platforms for AI and VDI Digital Workspaces?

Architect Comprehensive Security

Enabling private environments allows enterprises to implement robust security controls around sensitive data, models and insights - leveraging capabilities like VMware security, NVIDIA Confidential computing and more.

Tailor Performance to Demanding Workloads

Private platforms offer tailored infrastructure that scales to meet demanding AI and graphics-intensive digital workspace workloads, delivering on enterprise standards for quality of service.

Optimise Existing Infrastructure Investments

By leveraging cloud-connected on-prem infrastructure, enterprises can optimise the utilisation of current investments while meeting data compliance and privacy needs.

Gain Customisation Within Integrated Ecosystem

Private platforms provide flexibility to customise solutions aligned to specific use cases while integrating with the broader enterprise technology ecosystem.

High-Performance VDI and AI Expertise

We specialise in designing, implementing and managing high-compute digital workspaces and AI platforms hosted in secure private environments. Our expertise ensures optimised integration, superior performance, and scalability.

End-to-End Specialist Services

ebb3 offers a comprehensive suite spanning initial design through ongoing support and management, enabling enterprises to fully leverage advanced capabilities tailored to their needs.

Robust Security and Compliance

ebb3 prioritises proactive security and compliance, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Optimised Responsiveness

ebb3 continually monitors and fine-tunes digital workspace and AI platforms, guaranteeing exceptional performance, user experience and delivery against business objectives.


What We Deliver


How Our Clients Benefit

Secure and Resilient Infrastructure

Partnering with ebb3 enables access to reliable, high performance private platforms built to support demanding digital workspace and AI workloads without disruption.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Our managed services span the entire digital workspace and AI delivery lifecycle - from design through configuration, monitoring, optimisation, compliance, security, and ongoing support.

Specialist Consulting and Guidance

Our team of certified experts provide actionable guidance and consultancy throughout, enabling informed decisions that maximise ROI from advanced VDI and AI investments.

Future-Focused Solutions

ebb3 stays ahead of technological advancements and industry trends, ensuring clients can embrace innovations through platforms engineered for continual evolution.


“The team at ebb3 know their stuff. Technically, professionally, and economically they are a class team who it is easy to build a professional relationship with. More importantly for me they are real people who you can relate to, and build long term goals with”.

David Moyes

Sampson Haugh

Our Services
Fixing Legacy VDI Installations - Vmware & Citrix VDI Digital Workspace

At ebb3, we excel at fixing, improving, and transforming underperforming VMware and Citrix VDI Digital Workspaces installed by other providers. Our meticulous assessment identifies root causes, enabling us to create a tailored remediation plan. We optimise resource allocation, fine-tune networks, and leverage cutting-edge technologies like GPU virtualisation and caching. Our proactive approach ensures future-proofed scalability, adaptability, and ongoing support. Trust in our unrivalled expertise to transform your workspace into a high-performance engine, enhancing productivity, collaboration, and innovation. Experience the ebb3 difference and unlock your VDI environment's true potential.

Building New VDI Installations - Vmware & Citrix VDI Digital Workspace

At ebb3, we specialise in building, managing, and servicing new VMware and Citrix VDI Digital Workspaces for clients embarking on their first-time installation. With our proven methodology, we guide clients through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. Our experienced team provides expert guidance, from initial planning and design to deployment and ongoing support. We assess client needs, architect the optimal infrastructure, and configure the workspace to align with their unique requirements. Through our comprehensive and consultative approach, coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, we empower clients to embrace the full potential of their new VDI Digital Workspaces, thereby driving productivity and efficiency.

Enterprise AI Platform

Leveraging partnerships with industry leaders like NVIDIA and VMware, ebb3 designs, builds, and manages an industry-leading enterprise AI platform hosted in secure private environments. This high-performance platform powered by NVIDIA systems and VMware software delivers scalability and flexibility for the most demanding AI workloads. It enables seamless model deployment through containerisation and multi-cloud integration along with efficient data pipelines. Enterprises gain optimised insights and decision making while robust security and compliance is assured. Hosting in private cloud allows full customisation to specific requirements. By partnering with ebb3 for enterprise AI expertise, organisations can streamline operations, strengthen governance, and realise the transformative potential of AI - driving digital innovation, unprecedented productivity gains and future-proofed scalability.

Managed Services - VMware & Citrix VDI Digital Workspace

ebb3 specialise in the management of existing VDI Digital Workspaces.


Our active monitoring allows us to address performance issues as soon they arise, minimising downtime and maximising workforce efficiency.


Our resolutions optimise the management of your VDI environment, resulting in increased user productivity and satisfaction.


We can seamlessly take over from, and offer support to in-house IT teams that may not have the correct training or knowledge to effectively manage a VDI Digital Workspace, allowing them to focus their valuable time and resources on other projects.

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“Around the clock support, great communication & reliable. ebb3 have a team of very skilled individuals who compliment AML progression in both HPC & VDI”.

Lea Renaux

HPC Solution Lead, Aston Martin

Transform VDI and AI Capabilities with ebb3's Private Platform Expertise

Unlock the power of high-performance private environments for your digital workspaces and AI. Benefit from enhanced security, seamless scalability, and cost efficiencies tailored to your needs. With ebb3's accelerated computing specialism, comprehensive managed services, and continual optimisation, we deliver reliable, resilient platforms engineered for your success. Realise expert guidance on strategy and configuration along with future-ready solutions.

Seize the opportunity to revolutionise your organisation. Contact ebb3 today and harness the full potential of secure private platforms for transformative VDI and AI outcomes.

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