Hello, Internauts! How far we’ve come…

Hello, Internauts! How far we’ve come…

Thousands of people took part in “Internaut day” this week. People around the world joined to celebrate 25 years of public access to the World Wide Web (WWW). Whether this was the exact date that marks the 25th anniversary or more of an approximation isn’t the point; there is a lot to celebrate. We haven’t gone a day without the web for so long that it’s often difficult to remember what we did without it.

It was a time for very well deserved public praise for scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium, who invented the web as a computer scientist at CERN. We thought back to the London 2012 Olympics (where our co-founder Andy Bowker was coincidentally working on networking infrastructure), when he was revealed from inside a giant house at the spectacular opening ceremony, sending the message: “this is for everyone”.

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